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Massive Memoirs – Kevin

Red, White and Crew: How a shared affinity for the Columbus Crew became a cross country vacationing tradition

by Kevin Johnson

I began attending Crew games sporadically in the early 2000s. I took the plunge into the realm of season ticket holder in 2008. I shared my season seats with one of my best friends, Steve, until starting a family made finding time to commit to the Crew more difficult for him.
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Massive Memoirs – Hector

A Wedding Anniversary & Renewal of Vows Toast

by Hector Garcia

In January of 1996 my wife and I moved from Bloomington, Indiana to Caracas, Venezuela. We had been married for about three months, and were looking ahead to a lifetime together. In February of 1996 the Columbus Crew drafted Brian McBride with the first draft pick in MLS’ history. The Crew and its nascent supporter base, the soccer-loving people of Columbus, were too looking ahead to a lifetime together. My wife is from Ohio, so naturally we started following the Crew’s scores and standings every week in the Caracas English-language newspaper (there was only one, but it did carry the MLS boxscores), smiling with joy with every win, steeling for the next game with every loss, pondering the balance of the universe with every draw.

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Massive Memoirs – Melinda

The Columbus Crew is Family

by Melinda Soderberg

How did I become a Crew fan? Where do I even start? I have grown up with the Columbus Crew, or in a sense, the Columbus Crew has grown up with me. I went from watching the team play in a college football stadium as a seven year old — unsure how soccer would sit with the Columbus community so heavily invested in Ohio State — to sitting at Columbus Crew Stadium in 2018, 22 seasons later. I was along for the ride with everything in between.

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Massive Memoirs – Jen

Party on the Pitch!

by Jen Dwyer

It was 2009 and we had been attending Crew games for the last 5 years. When we moved to Columbus with our 6 year old son, then “Crew Stadium” was a natural draw for us. The previous year, we had become Season Ticket Members and we really felt connected to this team and to this city.

For our son’s 12th birthday, we were looking for something different- cool- not ordinary (because when you’re 12 … it’s hard to find “cool” things to do for a party). We called our STM rep to ask if they did “birthday parties.” They did! He said they weren’t as busy in the Spring due to weather and not having many games. My son had a March birthday so that was perfect. We decided to have it in April, to give the weather more time to cooperate.

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Massive Memoirs – Lizeth

¿Qué significa el Crew para mi?

By Lizeth Rascon

El Columbus Crew para mi es un proveedor de alegría, pasión; es ese algo que me da comfort, distracción, relajación, emociones al por mayor que me llenan el corazón; es la conexión con otras personas y amigos que comparten el mismo sentir de comunidad y solidaridad, pero lo más importante de todo es tener la oportunidad de conectar con mis hijos y crear recuerdos de familia que se quedaran con nosotros para siempre; esto es lo que significa el Crew para mi, que viene a ratificar una frase que he escuchado por ahí “Lo importante no es el fútbol, sino con quién lo compartes”.

#SaveTheCrew #SalvaElCrew

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Massive Memoirs – Jorge

Editor’s note: Welcome to another addition of “Massive Memoirs.” Recently, we asked for help from our Spanish speaking community for this next piece. The response from fans was overwhelming, but we were led to Janelle Henderson and her husband Jorge.

This love letter to the “Yellow Soccer Team” is written in Spanish and followed by an English translation.

One thing is for certain, love for the Columbus Crew knows no bounds.

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Massive Memoirs – Christina

Editor’s note: Welcome to a new feature on the #SaveTheCrew website, we’re calling this Massive Memoirs.

The fans are critical to the success of this movement and we will spotlight stories from the people that make up the Columbus Crew SC as we try to answer “What do the Crew mean to you?”

I hope you enjoy this series as we kick things off with Christina Koplyay, a Cincinnati native that fell in love with the Crew in the summer of 2014.

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