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Massive Memoirs – Jorge

Editor’s note: Welcome to another addition of “Massive Memoirs.” Recently, we asked for help from our Spanish speaking community for this next piece. The response from fans was overwhelming, but we were led to Janelle Henderson and her husband Jorge.

This love letter to the “Yellow Soccer Team” is written in Spanish and followed by an English translation.

One thing is for certain, love for the Columbus Crew knows no bounds.

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Massive Memoirs – Christina

Editor’s note: Welcome to a new feature on the #SaveTheCrew website, we’re calling this Massive Memoirs.

The fans are critical to the success of this movement and we will spotlight stories from the people that make up the Columbus Crew SC as we try to answer “What do the Crew mean to you?”

I hope you enjoy this series as we kick things off with Christina Koplyay, a Cincinnati native that fell in love with the Crew in the summer of 2014.

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