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My #SaveTheCrew Journey – Zach

By Zach Klein

On December 28, 2018, the City of Columbus and State of Ohio filed to dismiss our lawsuit against MLS and Anthony Precourt to make way for new ownership to take control of the Columbus Crew. But it was a long journey to get there for myself and our legal team.

After supporting the #SaveTheCrew movement in its earliest days as Columbus City Council President, I realized I was in a unique position to do so much more when I became the City Attorney in January 2018. And we picked up the fight right away in the City Attorney’s Office. Continue reading My #SaveTheCrew Journey – Zach

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An Impactful Crew Road Trip

By Keith Naas

Dayton, Ohio – September 5 10:42 AM

“I just came up with a crazy idea…to go see the Crew in Montreal. Game’s at 3 on 10/6. That would be a blast. Can you free yourself up?”

This was the text my brother sent.  My brain immediately started thinking through that weekend knowing that it would be a hefty road trip and I had some other things on the calendar.  After serious thought I responded:


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Feeding the Crew – Bruna

While recalling this story to share with you, it occurs to me that as we live each day we’re curating our life stories. Who knew, while we were living it, that one day it would be story worthy? To us, it was another day at Café del Mondo…

We were blessed, through my son Alex’s networking and determination, to be feeding the Crew – in many ways. Continue reading Feeding the Crew – Bruna

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8,713 Miles of Support – George

By George Weber

This may sound crazy and it may not be 100% accurate, but my friend Tim and I may be the furthest away Crew supporters as we both live and work in Bangkok, Thailand – 8,713 miles from Columbus.

I have been a Crew fan since the beginning of MLS. I was at the very first regular season game they ever played. I remember sitting in the closed end of the Horseshoe in Columbus and watching Dr. Khumalo, break someone’s ankles with a ridiculous move. I never had season tickets, but my college soccer team would attend at least two to three games a year and then I would go once or twice during the summers. Continue reading 8,713 Miles of Support – George

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Massive Memoir – Elizabeth’s Family

By Elizabeth Coy

I almost feel like a fraud writing this as my story and experiences are relatively new compared to the fans who have been with the Crew since the beginning, and there are so many people who have loved the Crew for longer and better than I have. But I’m both happy and honored I get to share my story.
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Massive Match Day

By Morgan Hughes

So yeah, I’m getting married on Saturday. If you’re wondering how it took 37 years for me to find someone who would not only be willing to be in a relationship with me, but also involve the government in said relationship, well, allow me to tell you a little bit about myself.

I’m not normal. I mean, okay sure, no one is technically “normal” if you’re going to look at everyone who has ever lived on a microscopic level and critique and catalog their individual personalities and traits. Everyone is unique in their own special way, and it’s one of the reasons why being alive is so freaking awesome. Continue reading Massive Match Day

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Monday Recap 7/30/18


Save The Crew Updates

2019 Ticket Pledge:

We did it! 10k people have signed the pledge. In 1994 10,000 season tickets was the number that guaranteed the Columbus Crew would always be known as MLS Charter Member 01. If you have not yet filled out the pledge, please click on the link and do so!  And if you have, make sure to tell everyone you know. Continue reading Monday Recap 7/30/18

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El fútbol más allá del cielo – Soccer beyond the sky

Editor’s Note. What follows is the story of how soccer inspired Silvia C Rodriguez, a Chihuahua, México transplant to Columbus and author of bilingual Children’s Books, to write a book about the World Cup. It is presented first in Spanish and then in English.

Seis años atrás, al mudarnos al estado de Ohio, lo primero que mi esposo dijo fue: –¡La ciudad tiene equipo profesional de fut! ¡Quiero ir a todos los partidos!

En un corto tiempo éste popular deporte se ha convertido en parte de nuestra vida cotidiana, ahora les explico el por qué:
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