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Saprissa Rain or Shine

On Tuesday, our Columbus Crew took the field for an international friendly versus Deportivo Saprissa

…or, at least, they tried to. Mother Nature had other ideas, sending rain and lightning to hover over MAPFRE Stadium for two and a half hours. Despite it being a weeknight and “only” an international friendly, thousands of dedicated fans came to the stadium to support the team. Many hung around the whole time, finding ways to amuse themselves while they waited.

By now, you may have seen how Saprissa stayed loose during the rain delay.
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What you need to know to “Fill the ‘Fre”

Fill The FRE Districts

Recently you may have seen a new map of MAPFRE Stadium and it may have left you confused. You could be asking yourself what’s ‘Frankieton’? What does AAR stand for? What do all these names mean?

Fair questions. Here’s the story.

In February, the Save The Crew team began planning for a new volunteer workforce to help improve attendance at Crew games. They named this effort “Fill The FRE” and started considering what could be done that would bring new fans to the stadium. As it evolved, a plan was formed that created many mini-communities, kind of like 15 Nordeckes, throughout MAPFRE Stadium. Each of these districts would be made up of a few sections and would have its own volunteer force allocated to it. They’d name themselves and come up with their own plans for how to bring people to games. With that, Fill The FRE was off and running. Continue reading What you need to know to “Fill the ‘Fre”