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A Year of Save The Crew

Over the last year our organization, city and global network of volunteers have accomplished an incredible amount. The one year anniversary of Save The Crew marks a celebration of all of our accomplishments. We’re not done yet. Continue reading A Year of Save The Crew

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#SaveTheCrew documentary debuts

Last week, video journalist Sean Kelly announced he was in the process of producing a #SaveTheCrew documentary with the help of Ball Street media.

“The film will tell the fans’ stories of following The Crew from its creation in 1994, and the ups and downs that come with a total devotion to your club,” said Kelly in a letter to Save The Crew.

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#SaveTheCrew documentary creator speaks out

As the producer of #SaveTheCrew: The Fans v The System, I would like to take a moment to let all soccer fans know what to expect of this documentary when it is released on Wednesday December 6 (we’re not sure at what time, we’re still finishing it!).

The October 17 revelation that a founder member and cornerstone of Major League Soccer history was in danger of being relocated out of state is a travesty for fans of The Crew and for soccer fans generally. As I am currently resident in Columbus, I saw the emotions play out in real life and in real time.

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#SaveTheCrew documentary announced

On Thursday Nov.30th, media company Ball Street announced via Twitter that a #SaveTheCrew documentary is currently in production. The documentary tells the story of Columbus Crew SC supporters and their fight to keep the Black & Gold in Columbus through the #SaveTheCrew movement.

The trailer showcases a brief synopsis of the movement and how fans are fighting back against Precourt Sports Ventures’ claims that Columbus is no longer a viable soccer market.

Details about what the documentary contains haven’t been made public, but it appears the #SaveTheCrew movement will be well represented.

The documentary releases on Dec.6th, three days before MLS Cup.