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Massive Memoirs – Melinda

The Columbus Crew is Family

by Melinda Soderberg

How did I become a Crew fan? Where do I even start? I have grown up with the Columbus Crew, or in a sense, the Columbus Crew has grown up with me. I went from watching the team play in a college football stadium as a seven year old — unsure how soccer would sit with the Columbus community so heavily invested in Ohio State — to sitting at Columbus Crew Stadium in 2018, 22 seasons later. I was along for the ride with everything in between.

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Columbus Taco Fest – May 19 at Genoa Park

Tacos. Tequila.

Tacos. Live Music.

Tacos. Soccer.

Tacos. Columbus Crew SC Soccer.

Really, what could be better?

On Saturday, May 19, you can experience all of these and more at the first annual Columbus Taco Festival to be held from 12pm to 10pm at Genoa Park (downtown behind COSI). #SaveTheCrew has partnered with the Taco Festival and will have a booth at the event. Come out and visit your fellow #SaveTheCrew family members where we will be sharing schedules, yard signs, stickers, games, prizes, and more.

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Massive Memoirs – Jen

Party on the Pitch!

by Jen Dwyer

It was 2009 and we had been attending Crew games for the last 5 years. When we moved to Columbus with our 6 year old son, then “Crew Stadium” was a natural draw for us. The previous year, we had become Season Ticket Members and we really felt connected to this team and to this city.

For our son’s 12th birthday, we were looking for something different- cool- not ordinary (because when you’re 12 … it’s hard to find “cool” things to do for a party). We called our STM rep to ask if they did “birthday parties.” They did! He said they weren’t as busy in the Spring due to weather and not having many games. My son had a March birthday so that was perfect. We decided to have it in April, to give the weather more time to cooperate.

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Monday Recap 4/30/2018


Fellow Columbus Crew SC fans: Welcome to the next edition of our Monday Recap. Last Monday, I had a plethora of updates involving the ongoing litigation. Due to the certain events that  took place (motion to dismiss, City of Columbus Memo, and the question of constitutionality of the Modell Law), I will not discuss the case. This is simply because we need to wait to see what the courts have to say in regards to the latest motions set forth by both parties.

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Massive Memoirs – Lizeth

¿Qué significa el Crew para mi?

By Lizeth Rascon

El Columbus Crew para mi es un proveedor de alegría, pasión; es ese algo que me da comfort, distracción, relajación, emociones al por mayor que me llenan el corazón; es la conexión con otras personas y amigos que comparten el mismo sentir de comunidad y solidaridad, pero lo más importante de todo es tener la oportunidad de conectar con mis hijos y crear recuerdos de familia que se quedaran con nosotros para siempre; esto es lo que significa el Crew para mi, que viene a ratificar una frase que he escuchado por ahí “Lo importante no es el fútbol, sino con quién lo compartes”.

#SaveTheCrew #SalvaElCrew

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Monday Recap 4/23/18


Fellow Columbus Crew SC fans: Welcome to the next edition of our Monday Recap. This past week has been filled with news regarding the ongoing lawsuit involving the possible relocation of the Columbus Crew. Last weeks recap I discussed the upcoming motion to dismiss, this week, we will see exactly why PSV and the MLS believe the law to be unconstitutional.

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Monday Save The Crew Recap 4/9/18


Fellow Columbus Crew SC: Welcome to the fourth edition of our Monday Recap. For those of you who missed the first few editions of ‘Monday Recap’, the purpose of this weekly update is to simply post a summary of the recent happenings of the previous week. Today, I will provide some updates from the STC team, as well as outline some articles: Special update from the #SaveTheCrew team, Andrew Ginther’s response letter, Justin Meram’s comments, McKalla Place update, and finally, the game recap! Continue reading Monday Save The Crew Recap 4/9/18

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SaveTheCrew Pens Open Letter to MLS Regarding the Future of the Columbus Crew SC

Today, #SaveTheCrew releases an open letter to MLS Commissioner Don Garber regarding the future of the Columbus Crew SC.

Following Mayor Andrew Ginther’s announcement of a viable ownership group ready to purchase the team, and private land available downtown for a soccer stadium, it’s clear that a real opportunity exists for MLS to avoid the disaster of moving the league’s original franchise.

In the letter, #SaveTheCrew pledges our support to ensure the future viability and success of the league’s original franchise, by working with the league and team ownership to build upon the support that already exists in Columbus, taking the team to new heights.


MLS has a duty to its fans. It’s time for the league to step in to ensure the right choice is made with respect to its history, and its future. It’s time for the league to join in to Respect Our Roots, and give Columbus Crew SC an opportunity to have local ownership for the first time in team history.

With local ownership, the Columbus fanbase is dedicated to continuing our support for this team in this city. We are MASSIVE, and will support Columbus Crew SC for generations to come.

Glory to Columbus.

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What you need to know to “Fill the ‘Fre”

Fill The FRE Districts

Recently you may have seen a new map of MAPFRE Stadium and it may have left you confused. You could be asking yourself what’s ‘Frankieton’? What does AAR stand for? What do all these names mean?

Fair questions. Here’s the story.

In February, the Save The Crew team began planning for a new volunteer workforce to help improve attendance at Crew games. They named this effort “Fill The FRE” and started considering what could be done that would bring new fans to the stadium. As it evolved, a plan was formed that created many mini-communities, kind of like 15 Nordeckes, throughout MAPFRE Stadium. Each of these districts would be made up of a few sections and would have its own volunteer force allocated to it. They’d name themselves and come up with their own plans for how to bring people to games. With that, Fill The FRE was off and running. Continue reading What you need to know to “Fill the ‘Fre”