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El fútbol más allá del cielo – Soccer beyond the sky

Editor’s Note. What follows is the story of how soccer inspired Silvia C Rodriguez, a Chihuahua, México transplant to Columbus and author of bilingual Children’s Books, to write a book about the World Cup. It is presented first in Spanish and then in English.

Seis años atrás, al mudarnos al estado de Ohio, lo primero que mi esposo dijo fue: –¡La ciudad tiene equipo profesional de fut! ¡Quiero ir a todos los partidos!

En un corto tiempo éste popular deporte se ha convertido en parte de nuestra vida cotidiana, ahora les explico el por qué:
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Monday Recap 6/11/18


Fellow Columbus Crew SC fans: Welcome to the next edition of our Monday Recap.

Save The Crew Updates

Alejandro Moreno presented with community kit:

This weekend we took time to honor another Massive #SaveTheCrew Champion & presented Alejandro Moreno with his own Community Kit. We can’t thank Alejandro enough for all he’s done for our city, both on the field and now on the airwaves. You’ll always have a home in Columbus, Ale!
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Taking Action with a Massive Road Trip

By Chelsey Elsey

The 2018 Columbus Crew season does not resemble in the slightest any prior Crew season.  Since last October, Crew fans have wrestled with the possible demise of something we dearly love.  Due to these unfortunate circumstances, my family and I felt obligated to take an away game trip this season.  My husband, Tim, said that we owed ourselves a long overdue trip. He was correct.
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Massive Memoir – A New Fan from the #419

by Garrett Searight

I’m not a soccer guy. In fact, I’m the least soccer-y guy you’ll find. I legitimately feel bad for people in Europe and South America that think soccer is the most exciting sport on the planet.

I don’t use terms like stands, supporters, keepers, boots, pitch, etc…this is America, for Pete’s sake! Continue reading Massive Memoir – A New Fan from the #419

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Massive Memoirs – Heidi

Yo soy Columbus, este sentimiento no lo puedo parar…

by Heidi Baxter

Upon hearing this simple song line, I was hooked. I am Columbus, I can’t stop this feeling…. It was the spring of 2012 when Nordecke seemed like a dream team of fans to me. And there I was, in the thick of it.

La Turbina Amarilla, one of the supporters groups of the Columbus Crew SC, accepted me with arms wide open, grill hot as can be and laughs a minute. Never had I experienced soccer in Columbus with such raw passion.
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Telling Everyone We Know at the Columbus TacoFest

One of the mottos of the #SaveTheCrew from its inception has been: Tell everyone you know.

On Saturday, May 19, volunteers from the movement did just that.

They also told a few more that they don’t know. (Few, meaning, thousands.)

#SaveTheCrew volunteers woke up early to set up a tent and worked all day through the hot sun and summer storms at the First Annual Columbus Taco Fest held downtown at Genoa Park.The taco lines were long and the festival was even shut down momentarily due to storms passing through, but that didn’t sway the enthusiasm of the volunteers, who were eager to spread the word about the team and Project 2019.
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Massive Memoirs – Kevin

Red, White and Crew: How a shared affinity for the Columbus Crew became a cross country vacationing tradition

by Kevin Johnson

I began attending Crew games sporadically in the early 2000s. I took the plunge into the realm of season ticket holder in 2008. I shared my season seats with one of my best friends, Steve, until starting a family made finding time to commit to the Crew more difficult for him.
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Monday Recap 5/21/18


Fellow Columbus Crew SC fans: Welcome to the next edition of our Monday Recap. Today, we have some special updates from the Save The Crew team, an update involving the ongoing litigation, and finally, the game recap.

Save The Crew Team Update

Project 2019 Campaign:

The next phase of the campaign to save our Columbus Crew has begun. In order to prove to potential investors that we (the fans) are dedicated to our team, we have launched an initiative called “Take the Pledge.”In 48 hours, we have gained over 5,000 signatures. These fervent Crew supporters hail from all over the world; from Columbus, to the islands of the Caribbean, and even Europe . Remember, the pledge is just the start to our campaign. It’s an important cog in the process to show that we can produce fruitful ‘business metrics’. The current ownership has had almost 5 years to try to get to 10,000 season ticket holders. We, the fans, did half of that in 48 hours (1).
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