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8,713 Miles of Support – George

By George Weber

This may sound crazy and it may not be 100% accurate, but my friend Tim and I may be the furthest away Crew supporters as we both live and work in Bangkok, Thailand – 8,713 miles from Columbus.

I have been a Crew fan since the beginning of MLS. I was at the very first regular season game they ever played. I remember sitting in the closed end of the Horseshoe in Columbus and watching Dr. Khumalo, break someone’s ankles with a ridiculous move. I never had season tickets, but my college soccer team would attend at least two to three games a year and then I would go once or twice during the summers. Continue reading 8,713 Miles of Support – George

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Monday Recap 8/27/2018


Save The Crew Updates

New England Stands with #SaveTheCrew:

It is very well known that the majority of MLS fans do not want to see the Crew leave Columbus. Signs of solidarity can be seen all over the nation, #SaveTheCrew signs , scarves, & banners have adorned
stadiums around the globe all year. Fan’s of the New England Revolution have taken things a step further by stating their support in a Monday article. The writer, Mathew Bluestein stated “Getting rid of them would not be good for the sport or the identity of MLS. Soccer should not be run with a business mentality, it’s not like other sports. The fans give their all for the club, and it’s up to the owner to give just as much back. If attendance is bad, the owner is not doing something right. It’s up to the owner to fix it, not pack everything up and relocate the team. With that being said, I speak for all of New England and for all of us here at BSE when I say that we stand with you Columbus. You would fight for us, so we fight for you. Together, we’ll #SaveTheCrew.”
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Massive Memoir – Elizabeth’s Family

By Elizabeth Coy

I almost feel like a fraud writing this as my story and experiences are relatively new compared to the fans who have been with the Crew since the beginning, and there are so many people who have loved the Crew for longer and better than I have. But I’m both happy and honored I get to share my story.
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Bienvenidos A La Casa

Bienvenidos. Welcome.

La Casa. Home

Bienvenidos a la casa. Welcome Home.

Last Saturday night, Columbus Crew SC fans welcomed home our beloved #J9, Justin Meram, who had recently been traded back to his home in Columbus. His family — both those related by blood and others by soccer fandom — was there to greet him in full force.
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Monday Recap 8/13/2018


Save The Crew Updates

1) Save the Crew, Stadium Renderings:

Last Monday, the entire Save The Crew movement reached new heights. The team released their official renderings for the stadium at a Ten Thousand Pledges celebration with special guest, Dante Washington! This could be the future home of Columbus Crew SC and we hope it spurs creativity and conversation around what can be possible. The stadium sits just west of the Huntington Ball-Park, in the Arena District. These renderings are best viewed directly. Further analysis can also be found at NBC 4, ABC 6, 10TV, and Dispatch.
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Saving Our Team and Saving Lives.

By Andrew Shepler

Pelotonia weekend 2018 was a memorable one for the eight members of the #SaveTheCrew peloton riding to raise money for cancer research.

Our adventure all started the Wednesday before the ride with a peloton meetup. While meeting up at #SaveTheCrew business ally Land Grant Brewing Company, we were met with multiple yells of “Save The Crew”. I also was stopped and asked where I could get the amazing bike jersey I was wearing (and to answer the question I’m sure you have, they were a special edition just for Pelotonia and aren’t being sold). Continue reading Saving Our Team and Saving Lives.

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Back-To-School Supply Drive & Community Assist

Save the Crew is about keeping the Columbus Crew where they belong: in Columbus. But keeping the Crew in Columbus is about more than just having a team to root for; it’s about understanding the role a club and its supporters play in their community. From the outset, Save the Crew has been motivated by a vision of the Crew and Crew Supporters as a force for good in our city and region.

As a part of that vision, Save the Crew is proud to offer fans two opportunities to support their team and their city this weekend: Continue reading Back-To-School Supply Drive & Community Assist

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Monday Recap 8/6/18


Save The Crew Updates:

Project 2019, 10k:

LET’S PARTY LIKE IT’S 1996! Come out tonight for #SaveTheCrew Project 2019 Celebration! In celebration of Project 2019 hitting the significant milestone of 10,000 pledges, you are invited to join your fellow Save The Crew family and our guest of honor, former player Dante Washington, on Monday, August 6th, from 6pm to 8pm at Seventh Son Brewing‘s new rooftop space in Italian Village (1101 N. 4th St.). There is parking available in front of the brewery and on surrounding streets. No tickets are required but the venue does have limited capacity. We will raise a toast to the progress of Project 2019 and share updates on other initiatives that you won’t want to miss.
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Massive Match Day

By Morgan Hughes

So yeah, I’m getting married on Saturday. If you’re wondering how it took 37 years for me to find someone who would not only be willing to be in a relationship with me, but also involve the government in said relationship, well, allow me to tell you a little bit about myself.

I’m not normal. I mean, okay sure, no one is technically “normal” if you’re going to look at everyone who has ever lived on a microscopic level and critique and catalog their individual personalities and traits. Everyone is unique in their own special way, and it’s one of the reasons why being alive is so freaking awesome. Continue reading Massive Match Day

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Ten Thousand Pledges | Diez Mil Compromisos

Save The Crew Surpasses 10,000 Season Ticket Pledges with Project 2019

We are pleased to announce that we’ve collected over 10,000 pledges from fans who say they will attend multiple games via ticket packages as part of our Project 2019 initiative.

When Major League Soccer was established, the league determined which city would get the first clubs based on a commitment from the community to purchase season tickets. In 1994, Columbus was the first community to come together to achieve and surpass the set goal of 10,000 season tickets, making us the charter member of MLS. Continue reading Ten Thousand Pledges | Diez Mil Compromisos