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#SaveTheCrew documentary announced

On Thursday Nov.30th, media company Ball Street announced via Twitter that a #SaveTheCrew documentary is currently in production. The documentary tells the story of Columbus Crew SC supporters and their fight to keep the Black & Gold in Columbus through the #SaveTheCrew movement.

The trailer showcases a brief synopsis of the movement and how fans are fighting back against Precourt Sports Ventures’ claims that Columbus is no longer a viable soccer market.

Details about what the documentary contains haven’t been made public, but it appears the #SaveTheCrew movement will be well represented.

The documentary releases on Dec.6th, three days before MLS Cup.


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Morgan Hughes AMA – 11/24

On Friday, 11/24, Morgan Hughes of Save The Crew made himself available for an AMA on the Columbus Crew-focused Reddit site, r/TheMassive. The link to the AMA page itself can be found here, but we have summarized the replies to the original questions for you below (Children threads not included). Questions are in bold, responses are from Morgan. Enjoy.

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#SaveTheCrew Statement


Greetings. Today, Save The Crew is thankful for many things. We are of course eternally grateful to our Lord Guillermo, who nine years ago today gifted his opus unto us. Working through Alejandro, Chad and Frankie, he revealed his love. Guillermo is great indeed!

Next, we are thankful for you. The outpouring of support that we’ve received from Columbus, from around the league and from around the world over the past five weeks has been incredible. As a volunteer grass-roots movement, one of our early measures of success was going to be engagement. Our 2000-person rally on the steps of City Hall, organized in 3 days, was just a harbinger of things to come. After 112,000 page views, over 200 business allies and more than 16,000 signatures on our open letter to MLS and its investor/operators, it’s clear that our message has struck a chord in the global soccer community.


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Columbus beyond the Crew: 1991 exhibitions

Columbus has a pedigree as a soccer market that extends beyond the Crew or Major League Soccer.  Starting with the Columbus Magic in 1979, the capital city has played host to a number of teams and exhibitions over almost forty years. Taken together, these histories depict a city with a tradition of support for soccer – provided those putting on the games have appropriately prepared. This is part of an irregular series that explores the history of soccer in central Ohio.

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Central Ohio #SaveTheCrew Resolutions

Since the original announcement that the Columbus Crew ownership was evaluating a relocation to Austin, a number of local governments have taken actions in support of keeping the team here in central Ohio. Following is a list of those communities, and the resolutions that they have passed.

More communities are expected to join this group. If you’d like to urge your local representatives to take action, please contact your representatives using this contact list.

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Columbus Family Ties

“What would we do baby… without us?”

These words, lifted from the theme song to the based-in-Columbus 1980s TV show Family Ties, succinctly pose a loving, rhetorical question between family members. It’s a question so awful you never want to ask it, let alone think about the answer.

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#SaveTheCrew Team Update 11/17/2017

The Save The Crew team has been busy working hard for America’s hardest working team!

The business affairs team secured 100+ business allies over the past few weeks. These restaurants and businesses are sporting fresh #SaveTheCrew window clings at their local stores, thanks to the distribution efforts from several volunteers. They distributed an additional 65+ window clings and signs today as well.

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Save The Crew Volunteer Profile – Tom Davis

Greetings! As you may already be aware, there is a ton of work going on behind the scenes of the #SaveTheCrew movement to help keep the Black and Gold in Columbus. From time to time, we plan to highlight the work of our committed and wildly-talented grassroots team of volunteers by pulling back the curtain and giving some thanks to the people who turned #SaveTheCrew from a twitter hashtag into the lean, mean, relocation-fighting machine it has become. With that said, our first profile is of Tom Davis.

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