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What you need to know to “Fill the ‘Fre”

Fill The FRE Districts

Recently you may have seen a new map of MAPFRE Stadium and it may have left you confused. You could be asking yourself what’s ‘Frankieton’? What does AAR stand for? What do all these names mean?

Fair questions. Here’s the story.

In February, the Save The Crew team began planning for a new volunteer workforce to help improve attendance at Crew games. They named this effort “Fill The FRE” and started considering what could be done that would bring new fans to the stadium. As it evolved, a plan was formed that created many mini-communities, kind of like 15 Nordeckes, throughout MAPFRE Stadium. Each of these districts would be made up of a few sections and would have its own volunteer force allocated to it. They’d name themselves and come up with their own plans for how to bring people to games. With that, Fill The FRE was off and running. Continue reading What you need to know to “Fill the ‘Fre”

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Morgan Hughes AMA – 11/24

On Friday, 11/24, Morgan Hughes of Save The Crew made himself available for an AMA on the Columbus Crew-focused Reddit site, r/TheMassive. The link to the AMA page itself can be found here, but we have summarized the replies to the original questions for you below (Children threads not included). Questions are in bold, responses are from Morgan. Enjoy.

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#SaveTheCrew Statement


Greetings. Today, Save The Crew is thankful for many things. We are of course eternally grateful to our Lord Guillermo, who nine years ago today gifted his opus unto us. Working through Alejandro, Chad and Frankie, he revealed his love. Guillermo is great indeed!

Next, we are thankful for you. The outpouring of support that we’ve received from Columbus, from around the league and from around the world over the past five weeks has been incredible. As a volunteer grass-roots movement, one of our early measures of success was going to be engagement. Our 2000-person rally on the steps of City Hall, organized in 3 days, was just a harbinger of things to come. After 112,000 page views, over 200 business allies and more than 16,000 signatures on our open letter to MLS and its investor/operators, it’s clear that our message has struck a chord in the global soccer community.


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Columbus Family Ties

“What would we do baby… without us?”

These words, lifted from the theme song to the based-in-Columbus 1980s TV show Family Ties, succinctly pose a loving, rhetorical question between family members. It’s a question so awful you never want to ask it, let alone think about the answer.

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