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Massive Memoirs – Lizeth

¿Qué significa el Crew para mi?

By Lizeth Rascon

El Columbus Crew para mi es un proveedor de alegría, pasión; es ese algo que me da comfort, distracción, relajación, emociones al por mayor que me llenan el corazón; es la conexión con otras personas y amigos que comparten el mismo sentir de comunidad y solidaridad, pero lo más importante de todo es tener la oportunidad de conectar con mis hijos y crear recuerdos de familia que se quedaran con nosotros para siempre; esto es lo que significa el Crew para mi, que viene a ratificar una frase que he escuchado por ahí “Lo importante no es el fútbol, sino con quién lo compartes”.

#SaveTheCrew #SalvaElCrew

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SaveTheCrew Pens Open Letter to MLS Regarding the Future of the Columbus Crew SC

Today, #SaveTheCrew releases an open letter to MLS Commissioner Don Garber regarding the future of the Columbus Crew SC.

Following Mayor Andrew Ginther’s announcement of a viable ownership group ready to purchase the team, and private land available downtown for a soccer stadium, it’s clear that a real opportunity exists for MLS to avoid the disaster of moving the league’s original franchise.

In the letter, #SaveTheCrew pledges our support to ensure the future viability and success of the league’s original franchise, by working with the league and team ownership to build upon the support that already exists in Columbus, taking the team to new heights.


MLS has a duty to its fans. It’s time for the league to step in to ensure the right choice is made with respect to its history, and its future. It’s time for the league to join in to Respect Our Roots, and give Columbus Crew SC an opportunity to have local ownership for the first time in team history.

With local ownership, the Columbus fanbase is dedicated to continuing our support for this team in this city. We are MASSIVE, and will support Columbus Crew SC for generations to come.

Glory to Columbus.

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Senator Kunze passes resolution supporting Save The Crew

The Save the Crew movement has taken a multi-faceted approach to our efforts, knowing that no single element would be sufficient to keep the team in Columbus. The movement has emphasized fan support, gathered business allies, and reached out to local government to adopt resolutions. All to support the cause of saving the Columbus Crew.

However, one ongoing effort came to fruition at the end of February.

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Business Allies step up to #SaveTheCrew

#SaveTheCrew Statement

Did you know that since our inception in mid-October we’ve had over 260 Columbus-area businesses sign up to support Save The Crew and become “business allies”? The concept of the ally program is simple: to destroy the narrative that there is not support for the team in Columbus from the business community. Our allies range from mom-and-pop shops, regional brands, and even international corporations.

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State of #SaveTheCrew meeting scheduled for Saturday

As the calendar turns to 2018, we move into a pivotal year for the #SaveTheCrew movement. We are constantly fielding questions from fans and supporters on how they can help advance the cause. On Saturday Jan. 13th, #SaveTheCrew leadership will host a State of Save The Crew meeting at Business Ally, Land-Grant Brewing Company.

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Save The Crew Volunteer Profile – Ethan McKinley

As we roll into the holiday season, it’s important to be thankful for all the great times we’ve spent with friends and family over the year. And of course, we’re thankful for all of the hard-working volunteers who make things run within the Save The Crew movement.

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Save The Crew Volunteer Profile – Tom Davis

Greetings! As you may already be aware, there is a ton of work going on behind the scenes of the #SaveTheCrew movement to help keep the Black and Gold in Columbus. From time to time, we plan to highlight the work of our committed and wildly-talented grassroots team of volunteers by pulling back the curtain and giving some thanks to the people who turned #SaveTheCrew from a twitter hashtag into the lean, mean, relocation-fighting machine it has become. With that said, our first profile is of Tom Davis.

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