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Fulfilling our Pledges

You are one of the 12,330.

You are a renewer.

You took a few years off.

You are a first time season ticket member.

You are infectiously excited.

You are joyfully passionate.

You are so radiantly warm that the winter’s cold doesn’t even get past your beaming smile.

You can’t wait to tell everyone you know.

The Crew can’t wait to see you at Mapfre Stadium on March 2, 2019.

6 thoughts on “Fulfilling our Pledges

  1. I just went to the season ticket holder page to fulfill my pledge, and noted the automatic renewal requirement is still there. If this is such a benefit to me, why is it mandatory? Why should I have to consult my attorney (as per the terms) to buy season tickets? Am I the only one incensed about this? Is Precourt running the back office still?

    1. Automatic renewal appears to be a feature of all MLS teams. Based on my experience, they let me know before the renewal time frame to ensure that I had the opportunity to opt out. It was not a big deal to communicate my wishes to the staff.

  2. Season ticket holder since the team started. Renewed seats prior to the pledge with auto renewal as I can’t imagine not being a season ticket holder. Signing the pledge was easy!

  3. I ‘m in! Just confirmed the ticket order! Looking forward to Crew soccer!!

  4. Let’s go fellow supporters! Come March 2, 2019, Mapfre needs to be rocking! Let’s make it the HARDEST place for opponents to come play!!! Let’s keep it rocking all the way to a title! Who’s with me? Let’s GOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. We lived up to our pledge! Two season tickets secured for 2019! Can’t wait for the new season and we’re looking forward to sitting in our yellow seats

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