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Columbus Crew Saved as Dedicated Fans Make History


Columbus, OH — This is a story that will be passed down for generations. Today will be forever remembered in the lore of the Columbus Crew as the day that Columbus stepped up and #SavedTheCrew.

With local team ownership, the Crew is tied to Columbus forever. With Dr. Edwards a part of our Crew family from the beginning, we welcome the extended Haslam and Edwards families to our Crew family.

Through the last year, we’ve shown that this community is eager to step up and go all in on the future of the Crew. Save The Crew will work with the new ownership group in the coming days to pass along our season ticket pledge list, provide support and expertise as desired, and lay the groundwork for a strong relationship between the fans, ownership, and the league.

This historic moment was a long time coming. From the instant the news of a potential move leaked in October 2017, a dedicated group of fans have been working behind the scenes to keep the original MLS team home in Columbus where it belongs.

The history of the team is here. The future of the team is here. We will be MASSIVE for generations to come. We will tell our grandkids about the time the fans, near and far, stood up and saved our sense of community, by saving our hometown soccer club. This was not only the work of fans from Columbus, but soccer fans from around the globe, standing up for what is right.

Today, our worries are fewer. Now we just need to worry about regular things, like the next road trip, where we will be in the Supporters’ Shield standings, and winning the 2019 MLS Cup. Most importantly, we have a future.

Tell everyone you know. We Saved The Crew.

Glory to Columbus.

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  1. It’s great to hear. I hope all I and t are complete. Now the fans must show up and support the team!!! Go Crew Happy New year!!

  2. Cool.

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