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Sam’s Save The Crew Story

Editor’s Note: We received the following post via social media and received permission to share it here on the blog. To all the Sam’s out there, young and old, thank you for all that you did. Together we did something very special. Together, we saved the Crew.


To Save The Crew:

I want to thank you. A very real, sincere thank you. My son is nine. We drove from Cleveland for the first rally. He wanted to feel like he tried to do something to save the team that was so important to his family and friends. On the drive back he asked if I thought it even mattered. If a group of fans could really save a team from a greedy owner. I honestly didn’t know what to say. Although I certainly hoped something would work out, I wasn’t optimistic.

Our family donated, took the pledge and we carried signs at Cleveland events. My son did color guard at a Cav’s game, with his yellow sign pinned on. We wrote letters and sent emails when asked. But, we know it was your dedication and tireless work that made this happen. You not only saved the team we love, but you taught my son an amazing lesson about what a group of citizens are capable of. The world can seem pretty bad right now, kids aren’t immune to that and they can feel really powerless. You allowed him, in a little way, to be part of something bigger than himself. Thank you.

Yesterday we got up at 6:30am to be on time for the Legends game. The kids kicked a soccer ball around with their friends in the lot. We saw some of you at Megatailgate and Sam thanked you in person, wearing the cape he made to show his appreciation. Last night we sat again in Section 132 with our old seat mates and friends and hugged each other and when we left we said see you next season and we all meant it so hard. Thanks.


Sam showing his gratitude on his way to Megatailgate on Decision Day 2018.

5 thoughts on “Sam’s Save The Crew Story

  1. So good. #tears

  2. Ah shucks! That made me tear up! Thanks Sam and all who helped save the Crew.

  3. Great stories

  4. One of many great stories! It was so good to be a part of doing something! You all can be very proud of what you have accomplished.!

  5. I saw you from a distance as you were leaving the Legends game but couldn’t get to you soon enough to ask for a photo of Sam’s cape. I was hoping someone else caught it, so I am thrilled to read this and learn who the hero was. Thank YOU, Sam. We (all) couldn’t have saved the Crew without you & your supportive parents.

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