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Monday Recap 10/8/18


Save The Crew Updates

Italian Festival:

Members from the STC team set up a tent at this past weekend’s Columbus Italian Festival. The tent saw a lot of traffic as many people came to chat about the Crew. Some individuals reminisced about legends such as Brian McBride, while others chatted optimistically about the future of the team. The STC team gave out dozens of stickers, as many people wanted to take something home with them (perhaps, we’ll see the stickers show up in Savannah, GA). We would like to give a MASSIVE thank you to the STC volunteers, and everyone that came out to the tent to support us.

Tailgate in Montreal:

Even though we suffered a defeat in Montreal, the fans are 100% supportive of saving the Crew. Save The Crew’s own Keith Naas made the trip up to Montreal with his brother to cheer on the Crew as well to spread the news regarding our movement. He and the NorOnTour supporters were met with great support, as many Montreal supporters asked for ‘Save the Crew’ signs and gear. Shout out to Keith and the many other Crew fans that made the trip up North.

No news on Judge Brown’s Motion:

No news is good news, eh? The motion to dismiss hearing has occurred well over a month ago, and still no news on the ruling. This could mean a litany of things, however, given Judge Brown’s actions throughout the case, it seems like he is giving the sides every chance possible to settle the case. The Judge has until December to dismiss/continue the case, so, it is unknown if he will take his full time allotment or not. Everyone involved is under a non-disclosure agreement, so expect to hear nothing in terms of what the sides are discussing.

Game Recap

3-0 Loss

Well, that was an ugly game. For the second game in a row, a win would have clinched the playoffs for the Columbus Crew. Montreal, with their playoff hopes riding on this game, came out strong. A penalty kick in the 32’ proved to be the winner as the Crew were shut out in Quebec. This loss has dented our chances of securing a home ‘knockout’ game. However, the Crew still maintains an extremely high probability of making the playoffs. Our next game is away @ Orlando on October 21 and don’t forget the Minnesota home game on the 28th!


Glory to Columbus

2 thoughts on “Monday Recap 10/8/18

  1. Wish we would have won. Got to play better

  2. Let’s Go Crew! Columbus businesses have reacted negatively to supporting the Crew because of Precourt. We have to find a new owner who wants to keep in Columbus.

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