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Monday Recap 10/15/18


Save The Crew Updates

Save(d) The Crew:

Oh the irony. Ohio Revised Code 9.67 was created by legislators due to the Browns relocation to Baltimore. More than 20 years later, a group of investors led by the Browns ownership stated that they are in the final negotiation to purchase the Columbus Crew. This news, which previously was a dream, became a reality on Friday. We gathered on Friday at business ally Endeavor Brewing to celebrate as the saga has nearly ended, almost a year to the day from that nightmare that occurred on October 16th, 2017. Everyone involved in the Save The Crew movement, from Columbus, to across Ohio, to across the globe played a part in this success story. The doubters stated that a few “hundred” (hah) supporters would not be able to change the direction.

We proved those doubters wrong, and showed that grass roots movements DO work, that the people DO hold the power. Most of us were told growing up that “you can do anything you set your mind to.” To some of us, that saying seemed like a cliche, that it is only to motivate children to believe. Let me say that this particular saying is absolutely true, and we all are proof of that. Friday, without a doubt was the culmination of a year of hard work done by everyone involved, no matter how major or minor one’s role was. Because of this, we ensured that families will be able to continue to create memories cheering the Crew on, that individuals will continue to be able to follow their career path on the pitch, or at the front office, and that youth camps for children will continue to instill the belief that the so called IMPOSSIBLE is not only POSSIBLE, but it is very achievable. Please, cherish this moment, as many years from now, we can look back and say “remember when we Saved the Crew?”

The Crew’s future:

Although, 100% of the deal is not finished, all parties seem satisfied, and all that is required are final decisions, sign-offs and signatures. Here is what I know:

  1. Columbus Crew will remain in Columbus with the Haslam and Edwards families as purchasers. Seems like Jimmy Haslam (Cleveland Browns Owner) will be the majority owner with the Edwards family providing day to day operations. Dr. Edwards has been the team’s orthopedist since 1996.
  2. New Columbus owners will pay the MLS ‘expansion fee,’ which will result in the team playing at Mapfre in 2019, allowing all current staff & players to remain in Columbus. All of this is tied to building a new, downtown stadium in the near future.
  3. Former owner will gain the ‘rights-to-operate’ a team in Austin, Texas.

Land Grant One-Year, Still Here Event:

Join the STC team at our business ally Land-Grant Brewing as we talk about what the next plans and watch the Columbus Crew vs. Orlando City SC game. Remember, this saga is almost done, but it is not finalized. We still need people filling out the 2019 ticket pledge as well as to continue to lay the foundation for the future. The Crew are all but guaranteed to stay but we need everyone involved to finish the work we started. Help our Columbus Crew be the best to date. Let’s stay MASSIVE.

Quotes from Columbus and Beyond:

The social media and news world exploded with the news of the Crew having a new owner, here are some of those quotes:

  1. Statement from AG Dewine: “I am proud of the work our legal team has done in ensuring Ohio’s laws are followed and the door has been kept open to productive negotiations. Our community has invested in this team and deserves the opportunity to keep the black and gold right here, where they belong. I appreciate the efforts of the Haslam and Edwards families, and the Columbus Partnership for their work, and I will continue pursuing the case in court until there is a final deal.”
  2. MLS Statement: “Major League Soccer and the Columbus Partnership have been working together for several months on a plan to keep Crew SC in Columbus and we have made significant progress. Recently, the Haslam Family – along with the Columbus-based Edwards Family, have joined the effort to keep Crew SC in Columbus. MLS, the Columbus Partnership and the investor group all agree that for the Club to be successful in Columbus, it requires strong local partners, long-term corporate support, a strong season ticket base and long-term plans for a stadium, practice facilities and associated sites. MLS is committed to keeping Crew SC in Columbus should we continue to make progress on these critical components and agree to key terms with the investor group.”
  3. Statement from Leslie Pool, Council Member in Austin: “The official notice from MLS and Columbus sounds like a big win for Columbus fans. Austin may still get an expansion team, which is also good news for Austin sports fans. However, I believe now is the time to push the reset button on building a stadium on the McKalla site. Let’s redouble our efforts here at home to respond to legitimate taxpayer concerns about the subsidized deal. We should solicit proposals for developing McKalla and rework a stadium deal that is fair to all stakeholders”

Columbus Crew vs Minnesota 10/28/18:

Kyle Martino stated a few weeks ago, that himself and other former Columbus Crew players will come to the final game of the season, it has now been revealed that they will be at the Ohio Historical Society at 11am to have a legends game. Come out early to see if the former players still have it on the pitch. After the legends game, follow us to the stadium parking lot to continue festivities until the game starts. You don’t want to miss this MASSIVE day.

Buy tickets now. Nordecke is also available here.



3 thoughts on “Monday Recap 10/15/18

  1. Love it. Hope the fans now support the new owners. Also thank the staff who stay.

  2. Thank you everyone in the Save the Crew movement! We have had season tickets for 15 years – but just couldn’t stand to give Precourt any more money so opted out of auto-renewal last month. Question – is it more helpful to the cause to opt back in now (if possible) or wait for the deal to be finalized and purchase them then? Any advice appreciated.

  3. Friday night, after the announcement, my extended family has an impromptu celebration of our own in Westerville. We wore our black & gold to a local restaurant, and spread the news. So many people came up to us during dinner to show their support and excitement.

    Dreams DO come true, if you work hard enough to make them come true.


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