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Monday Recap 9/24/2018


Save The Crew Updates

Earnie Stewart at Mapfre:

Earnie Stewart is the current general manager of the USMNT. He is in charge of finding a new head coach for the National team. As you have all heard, our own Gregg Berhalter leads the list of candidates for the job. Berhalter has been the head coach of Crew since the 2014 season. During his tenure, the team has appeared in one MLS Cup, two Eastern Conference Finals (winning one) and made three playoff appearances in four seasons. Gregg is well on his way on leading the Crew to a fourth playoff birth. Do you want to see Gregg take the opening as USMNT coach?

Community Assist:

We have been giving kids the chance to see their favorite team play live for the last couple months, we are continuing the trend on Saturday! Let’s help send Hilltonia Middle School students (we helped fund their team!) to Mapfre to watch the Crew take on the Philadelphia Union. Purchase in sections 113-115 & transfer to  Season Tix members need to use this form.

New Power Presentation:

Henry Timms is the co-author of a book called New Power he recently presented to the Columbus Foundation about the book. The book discusses the dynamics at work in shaping our ever-shifting society, and how the future of our world will be a “battle of mobilization.” During the presentation Henry Timms repeatedly brings up the Save The Crew movement. He states that the old power is the current MLS structure while the STC movement is the new power. The presentation and accompanying interview with Columbus Foundation President and CEO Doug Kridler are very in-depth, I encourage everyone to check them both out!

Front Office Staff Deal with Relocation:

Andrew Erickson and Michael Arace have been simply brilliant in regards to their overall quality of coverage regarding the entire relocation saga. Erickson, once again, went a step beyond by interviewing members of the Columbus Crew front office staff (names were not released for obvious reasons) and asking them, not only how they found out about the relocation news, but also how they felt about it. Please check out the story to view the entire piece.

Game Recaps

Columbus Crew vs Portland (2-1 Loss)

The second of two away games ended in a loss. Despite a brace by Niko Hansen, the Crew failed to find the full threw points in Portland. The defeat in the Pacific Northwest is nothing new, as the Crew has historically not performed well in that part of the Country. On a side note, our current wonderful investor/operator (aka owner) was seen walking the concourse at the game. Why not attend some games in Columbus?

Columbus Crew vs Colorado (2-1 Win):

The Crew earned the full three points in a game that was almost a must-win. Gyasi found his 16th goal of the season, and despite Colorado scoring an “odd” goal (as described by Steffen), Pipa netted the game winner in the 57th minute. Come out next Saturday the 29th as the Columbus Crew take on the Philadelphia Union.

Glory To Columbus


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