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Monday Recap 8/27/2018


Save The Crew Updates

New England Stands with #SaveTheCrew:

It is very well known that the majority of MLS fans do not want to see the Crew leave Columbus. Signs of solidarity can be seen all over the nation, #SaveTheCrew signs , scarves, & banners have adorned
stadiums around the globe all year. Fan’s of the New England Revolution have taken things a step further by stating their support in a Monday article. The writer, Mathew Bluestein stated “Getting rid of them would not be good for the sport or the identity of MLS. Soccer should not be run with a business mentality, it’s not like other sports. The fans give their all for the club, and it’s up to the owner to give just as much back. If attendance is bad, the owner is not doing something right. It’s up to the owner to fix it, not pack everything up and relocate the team. With that being said, I speak for all of New England and for all of us here at BSE when I say that we stand with you Columbus. You would fight for us, so we fight for you. Together, we’ll #SaveTheCrew.”

Greek Festival:

After a successful OSU Grad & Professional Fair, the grassroots outreach is right back at it this weekend. The annual Columbus Greek Festival is from August 31 through September 3rd. Come out and enjoy the beautiful food and music! We will be serving food and greeting people at our tent on Saturday from 11 AM to 3 PM and on Sunday from 3 PM to 7 PM. Come say “Hi!”, and tell EVERYONE you know that we are going to Save The Crew. Our Greek community needs you!

Mini Stadiums:

Fans are reporting that BLOCK Stadiums awesome #SaveTheCrew stadiums have started shipping. Don’t forget to snag your very own conversation piece.

Breakaway Festival:

The annual Breakaway Festival occurred this past weekend at Mapfre stadium. Top artists such as Kaskade, Halsey, and DJ Khaled put on a great show for the thousands of attendees. A lot of Columbus Crew players also attended the festival (Meram, Steffen, Mensah, and more!). These players gave customized Columbus Crew jerseys to the artists. Maybe they will rep our Crew at the next concert! Check out some of the artists that attended personal Facebook/Instagram, you may even see a #SaveTheCrew shoutout.

1-1 TIE

Niko Hansen saved the day, and allowed us to come home to Columbus with a point. Once again, the Crew is able to salvage positive points in the last 10 minutes of the game. Our next game is at HOME this Saturday, September 1st. We need this one to be BIG. Bring your family, friends, neighbor, anyone! Let’s continue to celebrate the team before before the court case continues on September 4th.

Community Assist for KIPP

You generously outfitted a few youth soccer teams. Now, let’s send them to the games!

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