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Bienvenidos A La Casa

Bienvenidos. Welcome.

La Casa. Home

Bienvenidos a la casa. Welcome Home.

Last Saturday night, Columbus Crew SC fans welcomed home our beloved #J9, Justin Meram, who had recently been traded back to his home in Columbus. His family — both those related by blood and others by soccer fandom — was there to greet him in full force.

The next morning, while dreams of Justin Meram and Gyasi’s game-winning goal in the 91st minute still danced through our heads, a dream team of #SaveTheCrew volunteers shook off their post-celebration hangovers and jammed signs, stickers, and tents into tiny car trunks. Their destination? Downtown to Genoa Park to represent the movement at Columbus’ Festival Latino.

El Pueblo. Our town.

Unido. United.

¡El pueblo, unido, jamás será vencido! The people, united, will never be defeated.

The people at the festival, with an estimated attendance of 100,000 on Sunday, were eager to talk with volunteers about the status of the team. Volunteers spoke with individuals from Columbus as well as those who had traveled from Cincinnati, Cleveland, and from out of state.

¿Hablas español? Do you speak Spanish?

Claro que si! Dejame dicerte sobre nuestra equipo, el Columbus Crew!

People in the community were eager to kick a ball around, pound on our STC drum, get information about Hispanic Heritage Night, pass out #SalvaElCrew stickers to kids of all ages, and hear updates about the team. Volunteers also promoted the 2019 Season Ticket Pledge, connected with potential business allies, and had an opportunity to speak with members of the local Spanish-language media, Columbus al Día. All in English y tambien en español.

Bendiciones. Blessings.

Las lluvias. The rains.

Bendigo las lluvias en África. I bless the rains down in Africa.

And of course, like many other festivals that #SaveTheCrew has attended this past spring and summer, the skies suddenly opened and dumped a deluge of rain on festival goers. The hardy STC volunteers did not pack up, but instead, they braved the storm and crowded into the tent with community members also seeking shelter. This intimate experience allowed for a singalong of “Africa” by Toto and the opportunity to spread the message to even more members of the local Latino community.

All in all, the volunteers enjoyed a lovely Sunday of #SaveTheCrew soccer, music, comida y comunidad. The festival was a good reminder that the Columbus Crew SC family belongs to all of the people and cultures of Columbus. All. Todos.

Our Mesopotamian Lion returned to the field on Saturday night, and on Sunday, we shared soccer with our Latino amigos and amigas.

Familia. Family.

No matter where you are from, you are always welcome to our #SaveTheCrew family, and there will always be room for you under our tent when it rains.

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  1. Great job, guys. Well done and God bless.


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