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Wednesday Recap 7/4/18


Fellow Columbus Crew SC fans: Welcome to the next edition of our Monday Wednesday Recap

Save The Crew Updates

2019 Ticket Pledge:

Regardless of any news happening in Texas, our City and local businesses continue to work hard to keep our Columbus Crew.  You can have a direct impact on Keeping the Crew in Columbus. Pledge to become either a season ticket or multi-match holder and help show any potential investors that Columbus is a city with positive ‘metrics.’

Saturday’s Tailgate:

La Turbina Amarilla and Yellow Nation Army, two of the Columbus Crew supporter groups, co-hosted a massive tailgate on Saturday. This giant tailgate foreshadowed an even larger turn out for the game. The supporter groups are united, the fans are united, the city is united. The Columbus Crew will forever be in Columbus.


City Council:

The much anticipated City Council meeting has occurred, but what is the outcome? In terms of #savethecrew, it is very positive.

What the vote means:

“At the end of the day, the future of the Crew doesn’t lie in Austin,” David Foust said speaking on behalf of #SaveTheCrew in Columbus Business First. “The future lies here in Columbus.”

The outcome of the vote was 100% expected. It makes sense that the city needs to look at all options (while requesting PSV/MLS to beef up parts of their offer). This proposed move demonstrates that the December, March, and June deadlines were artificial creations. Also, this vote allows for serious talks with 3rd party developers. Essentially, may the best bid win. Alex Fisher, CEO of the Columbus Partnership stated, “It doesn’t really mean anything new to our approach, looks like continued delay and uncertainty there, and we will continue our conversations with the MLS until they tell us otherwise.”

What the vote means:

Essentially, the council voted to start negotiations with PSV/MLS over a McKalla Place stadium, WHILE CONCURRENTLY allowing for bids from 3rd parties to use McKalla for other uses (affordable housing/other developments). Council member Leslie Pool, whose district includes McKalla place has stated. “We need to have all options on the table, I think this puts us in the best negotiating position. If one party thinks they have a clear field, it’s a weaker negotiating position than if they knew they had competition.” On the contrary, council member Delia Garza stated, “I really hope we don’t try to stall this process. What it really boils down to is do you want soccer or do you not? I believe we have an amazing opportunity to bring a professional sports team to Austin.” There was a large PSV push to Vote NO on Item 60, yet Item 60 still passed.

Game Recap

2-1 WIN! over RSL

Zardes continues to be a force upfront, adding another goal on Saturday, converting off of a penalty kick. Eduardo Sosa scored his first MLS goal, on a beautiful curler.

International Friendly Recap

Another 2-0 win over Deportivo Saprissa in a match that was delayed by strong thunderstorms.

Before the friendly Deportivo Saprissa coach Vladimir Quesada, had this to say on Monday when asked about the Columbus Crew relocation saga, “Me habló durante mucho tiempo de esta ciudad y su gente, y olviamente lo que significa el Columbus Crew aquí dentro en la ciudad. Esperamos que no se lo lleven de aquí.”. (“[Former Crew player Daniel Torres] talked to me for a long time about this city and its people and obviously what the Columbus Crew means here in the city. We hope you do not take it away from here.”)



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