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Saprissa Rain or Shine

On Tuesday, our Columbus Crew took the field for an international friendly versus Deportivo Saprissa

…or, at least, they tried to. Mother Nature had other ideas, sending rain and lightning to hover over MAPFRE Stadium for two and a half hours. Despite it being a weeknight and “only” an international friendly, thousands of dedicated fans came to the stadium to support the team. Many hung around the whole time, finding ways to amuse themselves while they waited.

By now, you may have seen how Saprissa stayed loose during the rain delay.

You’ve probably also seen our guys in Black and Gold doing their thing as well. Since they’d already done the header thing in a rain-delayed game previously, they decided to mix things up with some soccer tennis.

They weren’t the only ones, though. For a while, some fans were able to get in some time kicking a ball around before the weather got rough.

A lot of fans took cover and just hung out during the wait.

Others took the opportunity to catch the light show Mother Nature provided.

Still others decided to be vocal in their support, keeping their lungs warmed up.

One fan decided it was time for some comedy!

Another decided to journal the ongoing saga…

And some fans weren’t bothered at all by the rain.

just a little shakin’ it.

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In the end, it was well worth the wait as the skies cleared up, the downtown fireworks lit up the clearing skies, and our boys bagged a 2-0 victory.

Rain or shine, Columbus Crew SC fans certainly know how to make the best of a difficult situation, on or off the field. If you were at the game, how did you pass the time during the storm? Leave a comment below to let us know!

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  1. We happened to see the Saprissa players in a DC airport on Thursday, and got to thank them for coming!

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