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Monday Recap 7/16/18


Save The Crew Updates

Free 2019 Ticket Pledge:

As of today, over 9,000 tickets are pledged in the 2019 Ticket Pledge! If you have not already, please fill out the ticket pledge form. Remember, you can fill out this form even if you only plan on attending multiple games. Pledge to become either a season ticket or multi-match holder and help show any potential investors that Columbus is a city with very positive metrics!

Save the Crew, Pelotonia:

Join us as we raise money to help the fight against cancer. Members of the STC team are participating in this year’s Pelotonia. We still have a few spots open for riders, so please contact us if you are interested! Let’s show our love for the Crew while we fight to beat Cancer. The Save The Crew movement is about more than soccer, it is about our entire community.

Columbus Nations Cup:

The Columbus Nations Cup (CNC) is a soccer tournament and festival benefiting the Community Refugee & Immigration Services (CRIS) Mentorship Program. 100 players from more than two dozen countries attended to play the world’s beautiful game. Thank you to all that attended, we look forward to being a part of more future community events!


Columbus Updates

Judge Sets Court Case Back on Track:

Judge Brown, who is presiding over the court case, has essentially reset the court case after a laundry list of appeals. For the last 44 days, MLS/PSV have set forth a litany of appeals in an attempt to possibly get the case thrown out, or, at the minimum, delay the process. The final appeal of MLS/PSV has been rejected by the courts. At this point in time, the judge will sit down with both parties to outline the next steps. It is likely that the last 44 days will not count as part of the 90-day ‘tolling’ ruling, this is simply because the appeals prevented any constructive negotiations between the city/ state of Ohio and MLS/PSV. However, as of now, we do not know what has been discussed between the parties, or, how fruitful the talks have been. Unfortunately for us, we once again have to wait to see what’s next in this saga.

Game Recap

2-0 Loss

In a top four, Eastern Conference clash, NYCFC came out on top. The last ten minutes of play saw two goals, as well as a late red card on Eduardo Sosa. This game concludes a difficult road series that saw us give up six goals in two games. We are back at Mapfre on Saturday when we welcome Justin Meram back to Columbus, as Orlando City comes to town.


Glory To Columbus

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  1. Love the update s

  2. You say over 9,000 people have pledged, but for how many tickets?

  3. Thanks for the updates.

  4. What is the latest date by which PSV still has a chance to move the team. Without a firm committment from Austin could we be stuck with another year of “ wait and see”. Not sure.

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