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Monday Recap 5/28/18


Fellow Columbus Crew SC fans: Welcome to the next edition of our Monday Recap. Today, we have more updates from the Save The Crew team, a general Columbus update, the game recap, and a bit of news from Austin, Texas.

Save The Crew Team Updates

Save the Crew’s Letter to Potential Owner

On Thursday Save The Crew released an open letter to the ‘future’ owner of the club. On Friday that letter appeared as a full-page ad in Columbus Business First. The letter reiterates everything that Crew supporters already know. Given the right ownership, Columbus is the perfect city for a robust MLS club. Businesses are ready and the fans are ready.

Almost immediately pledges were made for more than 5,000 season tickets. And that number has continued to steadily rise. This shows the future owner the long-term viability of Columbus Crew SC.

New Advertising

Launched on Friday, Save The Crew has a brand new advertising campaign running on digital boards just outside of the Columbus International Airport. The boards are on the side of the Fairfield in and can be seen by every person who exits the airport, as well as those in the Delta terminal. The digital boards carry the message “Welcome to the original soccer city USA” and closes with a call to visit the Project 2019 Pledge page. Keep an eye out around town as more ads will be popping up soon!


BBC News: ‘Columbus Crew: Two US cities fight over one football team’

It’s incredible how our movement continues to make world-wide news. This this time #SaveTheCrew is covered by the BBC, just one of many global outlets to cover our movement. The BBC article outlined a key comparison with the 2003 move of Wimbledon to Milton Keynes (this was a major news in the English soccer community at the time). The article concluded with a quote from Morgan Hughes “This is a city of firsts: first team, first stadium – if things happen in soccer they happen first in Columbus. This is going to be the first city that stops a team from moving, and it’s going to set off a chain reaction.” (1)

FC Cincinnati to MLS in 2019

FC Cincinnati looks set to become an MLS club in 2019. There were swirling rumors that the announcement could come much later, pending the conclusion of the current Columbus Crew situation. However, it appears that MLS was waiting for was a new stadium deal to be approved. FC Cincinnati would allow for an all-Ohio rivalry to be created within the MLS. Save The Crew believes strongly that the addition of FCC to MLS at this juncture only strengthens our cause.

Save The Crew Snapchat filter

Launched just in time for Rock on the Range, and available all season long, you can now use the Save The Crew snapchat filter at MAPFRE Stadium and the surrounding parking lots. Simply bring up snapchat, and swipe until you find the filter. Happy Snapping STC’ers!

Columbus Updates

Health Violations at Mapfre Stadium

Columbus Public Health conducted an inspection of the stadium, here is what they stated “An inspection of several concession stands inside of MAPFRE Stadium revealed a list of violations including issues with drainage and the presence of mouse droppings inside one of the kitchens. Columbus Public Health conducted inspections on nine concession stands Wednesday and found violations at all but one of them. According to the report, some violations were corrected at the time of the inspection such as the disposal of three dozen cooked brats being stored in a cooler without a date.” (2)

Game Recap

0-0 TIE

A game that featured two of the top 3 teams ended in a tie. Gyasi Zardes failed to convert a PK and further extend his golden boot chances. Pipa was sent off late into the first half on a dubious red card foul (was not called a foul during play). However, our karma was returned as Christian Martinez (somehow) was not sent off after a slap on a Sporting KC player. The Crew play again, at home on 6/2 against Toronto, lets see if we can bring back home the Trillium Cup!

Austin Updates

Potential soccer stadium site at McKalla Place had also been identified as ripe for affordable housing:
As we have known this entire time; not only is McKalla place up for an MLS stadium site, but the area is also being considered for affordable housing. The city of Austin is becoming overcrowded, and there are not meant viable options in terms of affordable housing. The warehouse district of McKalla place seems perfect for the venture. The stadium plan by PSV/MLS is due to the Austin City council by 6/1/18. We will see which option is more beneficial in the eyes of the Austin City Council (3).

Glory To Columbus

(1) Jeffrey, Adams. Columbus Crew: Two US cities fight over one football team, 5/27/18.
(2) Arney, James. Anthony Precourt seems to believe MAPFRE stadium maintenance is a sunk cost for PSV.
(3) Salazar, Daniel

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