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Monday Recap 5/21/18


Fellow Columbus Crew SC fans: Welcome to the next edition of our Monday Recap. Today, we have some special updates from the Save The Crew team, an update involving the ongoing litigation, and finally, the game recap.

Save The Crew Team Update

Project 2019 Campaign:

The next phase of the campaign to save our Columbus Crew has begun. In order to prove to potential investors that we (the fans) are dedicated to our team, we have launched an initiative called “Take the Pledge.”In 48 hours, we have gained over 5,000 signatures. These fervent Crew supporters hail from all over the world; from Columbus, to the islands of the Caribbean, and even Europe . Remember, the pledge is just the start to our campaign. It’s an important cog in the process to show that we can produce fruitful ‘business metrics’. The current ownership has had almost 5 years to try to get to 10,000 season ticket holders. We, the fans, did half of that in 48 hours (1).

Taco Fest:

The STC team set up a tent at the taco fest on Saturday. Supporters Jo Rodgers and Brent Miller, along with about 19 volunteers held the booth down. They had a wonderful response from local supporters, and also helped educate those not familiar with the Crew about the current state of the team.

Save The Crew Snapchat filter:

You can now use the #STC snapchat filter at Mapfre Stadium and the surrounding parking lots. Simply bring up snapchat, and swipe until you find the filter. Save the Crew!

Columbus Updates

PSV/MLS Appeal ruling of toll of 6-months:

Obviously, the defendants in the case (PSV/MLS) did not like hearing Judge Brown’s ruling. They have responded by appealing the ruling by the judge, however, the city of Columbus and AD Dewine do not think an appeal is appropriate. Why? The defendants chose May 11th as their deadline, yet, they sent in their reply after that date. Simply stated, this continued behavior by the defendants has increasingly angered the plaintiffs, and follows the narrative of how things have been this entire time. We will wait and see what the Judge thinks of their behavior.

Austin Updates

Potential McKalla Place rail station to cost $13 Million:

The current stadium renderings developed by PSV show a relatively cramped stadium with only about 1,000 parking space. Because of this, mass transit seems to be an ideal solution to get people to and from games. The issue is that Metro Cap, the Austin public transit authority, seems to want PSV foot the bill (3). This aspect of the stadium plan is somewhat up in the air. With the June 1st deadline approaching, things are getting interesting.

Game Recap

1-0 WIN:

Wow. We have extended our unbeaten streak to 6 games. We have played the most games in the MLS and have conceited the least amount of goals. Compared to years past, this is an amazing defensive accomplishment (it also helps when our CB scores the game winner). While the team wins on the pitch, well continue to do our part to win off of it.

Glory To Columbus

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(2) Turner,Miki. SaveTheCrew: Plaintiffs’ Oppose PSV/MLS Motion to Delay Filing Reply to Motion to Dismiss. 5/16/18
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