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Monday Recap 5/14/18


Fellow Columbus Crew SC fans: Welcome to the next edition of our Monday Recap. Today, I will discuss updates regarding the ongoing case, an update involving the happenings in Austin, and finally, the game recap.

Columbus Updates

90 Day Toll Ruling

Last week, Judge Jeffrey Brown released an 18 page order. This order addressed several issues/ motions by both the plaintiffs and defendants. The court sided with the plaintiffs in terms of the 6-month notice by putting the clock on hold for 90 days, but sided with the defendants in terms of their motion to stay discovery. In response the motion to dismiss by PSV/MLS, the judge stated that the motion will not even be considered until the 90-days has elapsed. Translation: The 6-month window of the Modell law is on hold (90 days) and bona fide buyers can receive financial information from MLS/PSV in order to decide what a fair market value is; the type of information received is at the discretion of either both parties, or the courts (these potential buyers must sign a non-disclosure agreement). Interestingly, not only did the judge encourage both parties to use the 90 days to reach an agreement, but, stated that the courts will be involved in the negotiation process (1). Question now is what constitutes a viable settlement (in the eyes of the courts), and to dive a little deeper, what constitutes a bona fide buyer. Regardless, in terms of saving the Crew, this is a major step in the right direction.

Jon Busch


Ex-Columbus Crew goalkeeper Jon Busch signed a 1-day deal with the club in order to retire with the team that drafted him. Jon was an MLS mainstay for many years, but decided that he wanted to retire in Columbus as part of the Black and Gold. Following the game this weekend a group of fans stuck around while members of the Save The Crew leadership team presented Jon with his very own STC scarf and a personalized Community Kit. He was kind enough to take a group picture with everyone before he headed off to celebrate retirement. Safe to say, Jon Busch will always have a place to call home in Columbus.

Austin Updates

Austin Statesman Op-Ed

The local Austin newspaper (which I encourage everyone to follow) recently released an opinionated column regarding the possibility of getting an MLS franchise. The Statesman’s editors started the article by stating “We know Austin is a good fit for Major League Soccer”, but finished by casting a shadow of doubt on PSV in terms of the Mckalla stadium deal. They stated “Precourt no doubt would finance a beautiful stadium and give ownership of it to the city, at least on paper. But the city would transfer it back to Precourt in an arrangement that would give Precourt control and management of the venue for up to 99 years. Under those terms, ownership remains with Precourt. That’s a direct benefit for Precourt — not taxpayers. Precourt also would get city-owned land for free or very little cost. That’s a double win for Precourt, not taxpayers” (2). This is a very interesting change in narrative by the locals. Aside from the stadium, the debate has heated up regarding the building of affordable housing in Mckalla. It is great to see both sides (stadium vs. housing) being looked at very carefully, at the end of the day, the city of Austin is concerned about the prosperity of its citizens.

Game Recap

3-0 WIN

Wow, what a game. The Columbus Crew dismantled the Chicago Fire 3-0, with a PK goal from Higuain, and a brace from Zardes. It seems like Gyasi has rediscovered his touch in Columbus, as he is tied for the most goals in the league. The Crew can be very satisfied taking 7 points playing in 3 games in a weeks time. The team plays again Saturday @ New England.


(1)Reid, Pete, MLS to ATX: A Big early win for Ohio and Columbus in the ‘Save The Crew’ lawsuit., 5/10/18
(2)Austin Statesman Editorial board,Editorial: MLS can win Austin’s heart with the right deal, 5/11/18

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