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Massive Memoirs – Jen

Party on the Pitch!

by Jen Dwyer

It was 2009 and we had been attending Crew games for the last 5 years. When we moved to Columbus with our 6 year old son, then “Crew Stadium” was a natural draw for us. The previous year, we had become Season Ticket Members and we really felt connected to this team and to this city.

For our son’s 12th birthday, we were looking for something different- cool- not ordinary (because when you’re 12 … it’s hard to find “cool” things to do for a party). We called our STM rep to ask if they did “birthday parties.” They did! He said they weren’t as busy in the Spring due to weather and not having many games. My son had a March birthday so that was perfect. We decided to have it in April, to give the weather more time to cooperate.

CrewCat at Party on the Pitch

Enter: Party on the Pitch

It couldn’t get any cooler or more fun. For the price, it included 10 guests, seats behind the goal, pizza, “Crew” cake, drinks, a visit from Crew Cat, a signed ball- hand-delivered from a player- ON THE FIELD- and memories to last a lifetime. Sold!

We showed up and everything was as awesome as it sounded, except for the weather. Not only did the weather not cooperate, it poured! I have never been more glad to have covered seating. The game played on and we watched it all from right behind the goal. Because it was raining so hard, we elected not to go out on the field so we got the autographed ball after the game.

Everyone had such a great time (even in the rain!) that we did it the next year, too. Same deal but this time the weather was awesome. Crew Cat stopped by right as we scored a goal which made for a great picture.

Goal at Party on the Pitch


This time, our son went out on the field and got the autographed ball from Steven Lenhart.

Steven Lenhart at Party on the Pitch

Two years ago, when my husband was turning 50, I wanted to do this again. I called the STM rep who said they really didn’t do this anymore- or anything like it. Yes, I could rent a suite but that is really not the same as being at field level. We ended up buying 20 tickets and tailgating before the match. It was cool and fun but not the same.

Party on the Pitch was something we will never forget. It was unique and cool and you really felt like your birthday was special. It was everything a super-fan could want – friends, family, cake, and the team that we love!

Hejduk signed jersey at Party on the Pitch

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  1. Thanks for sharing! Hopefully they bring Party on the Pitch back after we Save The Crew so my future son can have the same experience.

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