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STC website receives a face lift

After the investor-operator’s shocking announcement on Oct. 17th, many Black & Gold fans were called into action in an effect to save Major League Soccer’s first team Columbus Crew SC.

Tom Davis was one of those fans, and when he heard the announcement he acted quickly to mobilized Crew SC fans. “I purchased and built the morning after the news came out,” said Davis in a November interview.

“I originally had a one-page website simply asking for emails to help make the website effective. The original phrasing is actually still there on the main “subscribe” portion of the site. Matt Bernhardt, who was a mutual Twitter follower between Morgan Hughes and I, connected Morgan and me. A small Twitter direct message group was born, and then it took off from there.”

Since the creation of the website, traffic grew exponentially and fans became mobilized towards the cause of saving Major League Soccer’s original franchise. Davis helped provide an outlet for Save The Crew to deliver its message to a worldwide audience. With the 2018 season approaching, he has undertaken a tremendous responsibility in rebuilding

The new version of the website went live on Saturday morning with a new color palette and a crisp layout. The website is user-friendly and accommodating to fans of all ages.

“My goal was to start all over again with a crisp, clean design,” said Davis of the newly built website. “Building it from scratch without using any sort of template or framework I thought would well represent the grassroots nature of the movement. Ultimately I wanted it to be a lot better and I think I’ve accomplished that.”

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