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Ashland United U-13 ready to #SaveTheCrew

The MLS off season has allowed fans time to relax and recharge from a grueling and stressful campaign. Including some extra curricular activity that is occurring in Central Ohio, but don’t be fooled.

The team at #SaveTheCrew is busy coming up with exciting new strategies and plans for the upcoming 2018 MLS season. With the new schedule being released on Thursday, organizers will begin the process of planning and executing various events to continue to raise awareness to the cause of keeping the Crew in Columbus.

One group that is excited about the upcoming season is the Ashland United U-13 boys team.

Adam Fox sent us a great picture of the team as they rally to #SaveTheCrew. Might mini-Nordecke be making a comeback?

Only time will tell, but well done fellas! We will need you to hold the fort down at MAPFRE to keep cheering on the Crew for 2019 and beyond.

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  1. Hey, that’s my kid’s team too! Adam and i had the idea to do this after their last game (not long after the announcement) thanks for posting! They’re an awesome group of boys! My son is a HUGE Crew fan!!

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