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An Authentic Tour of Ambition

Have you felt your ambition lacking during these cold winter months? Are you not feeling as authentic as you once did?

Fear not!

#SaveTheCrew’s Morgan Hughes ventures out on a frigid winter day in Columbus to bring his ambition to the good people of Central Ohio. During his tour, he stops in “urban core” hotspots like German Village, an unidentified apartment complex downtown, but definitely not #SaveTheCrew business ally Rooster’s. Which we hear is a “Fun, casual joint.”

Hughes doesn’t stop there as he takes his journey of ambition to the authentic people in the suburbs. Granted, they aren’t part of the coveted “urban core,” but they are as authentic as anyone. He may even make old man licorice cookies with one Henri Crognale.

What shenanigans will Morgan get into? Will we have enough money to bail him out? Will we #SaveTheCrew?

Tune in to find out!

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