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#STC Vlog 12/3/2017: For Club, For Country, For Community

2 thoughts on “#STC Vlog 12/3/2017: For Club, For Country, For Community

  1. Has anyone thought about all of the vacant land around the Easton Complex as a possible stadium location? There is a large tract of vacant land north of McCutcheon road, near fire station 28, another large open space south of the Alladin Temple building, and the Easton Oval, up in the northeast corner of Easton.

    Wexner has been milking the central Ohio tax system for decades. Why not ask him to locate land for a soccer specific stadium near all the bars, and businesses along Easton way?

    Y’all pull up Google Earth, and zero in on the Easton Coplex.

    I think there is plenty of room for a stadium. There is, already, tons of parking for the Easton businesse, whom I think would benefit from a large crowd of thirsty, hungry soccer fans, who would like to walk a short distance, and avail themselves of the local cuisine!

    What do you think!

  2. Saving this Academy should be a priority as well. Is there any way to extract it from PSV and MLS and having it supported separately?

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