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Save The Crew Volunteer Profile – Ethan McKinley

As we roll into the holiday season, it’s important to be thankful for all the great times we’ve spent with friends and family over the year. And of course, we’re thankful for all of the hard-working volunteers who make things run within the Save The Crew movement.

From just a few people on a group chat on social media, the Save The Crew movement has now grown into well over 50 volunteers giving their time and energy to keep the Black and Gold in Columbus. From time to time, we plan to highlight the work of our committed grassroots team of volunteers by pulling back the curtain and letting you see some of the people working to Save The Crew (who aren’t named “Morgan Hughes”).

With that said, get to know more about our next volunteer, Ethan McKinley:

What do you do for Save The Crew?

I have been making almost all of the #SaveTheCrew banners that are currently being sent all around America and the world. I also made around 45 two-sticks for College Gameday and the “Respect Your Roots” tifo before the Toronto FC game. Generally, I make banners, but am willing to do whatever to Save The Crew.

What is your day job?

I teach 4th grade math and science.

How did you become involved with Save The Crew?

I have been a member of Crew Union for many years and this year helped to start the GCGBAG (Greater Columbus Golden Boys and Girls, for the uninitiated – ed). I’ve also been a part of #TIFOSWEAT. Through this I got to know many people involved in Save The Crew. Once I heard the news (of the team possibly moving), I asked what I could do to help and went from there.

How many hours per week do you dedicate to working on Save The Crew-related duties?

Pretty much every moment that I am not at work or sleeping I am working to Save The Crew in some way. But I would say that I spend at least 30 hours a week doing whatever I can to keep this team in Columbus where it belongs.

What does the Crew mean to you personally?

The Crew means everything to me. I have been coming to games since 1996 when I was 6 years old and haven’t stopped since. The Crew has become part of who I am, and 99 percent of the time I have something Crew-related with me wherever I go. I have had so many amazing experiences and met some many great people through this team. When I say “Columbus ‘Til I Die” I fully mean it in every way.

What has been the most surprising or encouraging thing about the Save The Crew movement?

How Massive this movement has become in such a short time. We are getting support from people from all around the world and everyday we get more and more. I am truly grateful for everyone involved with this and cannot wait until we Save The Crew.

What is your favorite experience you have personally had at Crew Stadium?

Up until a couple of weeks ago, it was the Eastern Conference Final in 2008. That has since been replaced with the first leg of the Eastern Conference Semi-Final this season against New York City FC. Crew Stadium was electric; every person in the stadium was on their feet for 90 minutes cheering their hearts out to Up the Lads. The 4-1 result topped off with that golazo from the King Harrison Afful made it a perfect night.

 Who is your favorite player in Crew history and why?

Frankie Hejduk. Everything about him. I was always number 2 in every sport that I played and I also played right back in soccer. The passion and intensity that he brings to everything in life is truly an inspiration. Also he is all around a great human being who will always take the time to talk with anyone and treat you like he’s known you his whole life. Being team captain, scoring the clinching goal in the 2008 MLS cup, playing for the USMNT, and the two-footed tackles were pretty awesome as well.

 What is it that makes Columbus special for you?
This is my home. I am Columbus (Westerville) born and raised. This is where I grew up, where my family and friends are from and still live.

There are so many incredible people and places to see that I can’t even begin to describe all of the ways that this city is special to me. This is a special city that is truly authentic in its own unique and amazing ways.

How do you plan to celebrate when we Save The Crew?
Toto, beer, and tears of joy. It will be a party for the ages with the whole #SaveTheCrew gang.

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  1. #Save the Crew



  2. Well done. Bless the rains…

  3. Ethan is one of the coolest guys I’ve met! He ups the lads every game and always “forces” the Incinerator on me at tailgates. Great guy who is great fun! Never knew he was a teacher… So interesting to learn new things about all these awesome volunteers!

  4. Hey Mr. Mckinley idk if you remember me, but i’m so glad you made this page so all of the crew supporters can get to geather and talk. I also thinj its cool that you make all of the save the crew banners. All so cool. #SaveTheCrew

  5. Hey Mr. Mckinley, I don’t know if you rember me but i think its so cool that you made this page for all of the crew supporters to talk / communicate. i also think its cool that you make all of the SaveTheCrew banners. All of the stuff you do is so hepful. Thank you!!!!!! #SaveTheCrew

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