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#SaveTheCrew documentary debuts

Last week, video journalist Sean Kelly announced he was in the process of producing a #SaveTheCrew documentary with the help of Ball Street media.

“The film will tell the fans’ stories of following The Crew from its creation in 1994, and the ups and downs that come with a total devotion to your club,” said Kelly in a letter to Save The Crew.

“It is this message that I believe will strike a chord with the international soccer audience, many of whom may have never watched an MLS game or even know where Columbus is on the map, but will totally identify with the emotional roller coaster that comes with such undying loyalty.”

Finally, on the eve of MLS Cup 2017, Kelly’s labor of love is complete. By the journalist’s accounts, it was no easy feat.

“Even if you are not a soccer fan, this documentary will provoke anger and sympathy, but also laughter, camaraderie, inspiration, and perhaps even a few tears, judging by the raw emotions that came down the camera lens at me during filming, and by how it has made me feel during post-production. By presenting that caveat of emotions, I hope to bring more international attention to the #SaveTheCrew movement.”

You can view the documentary below or on Ball Street’s YouTube page. Make sure to support them and show your appreciation for this excellent production.

2 thoughts on “#SaveTheCrew documentary debuts

  1. Excellent and compelling film. Congratulations to all involved. May it be seen far and wide, and #savethcrew

  2. Great film. C-bus in da house. Save the Crew.

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