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A message for Austin

Let’s get one thing perfectly clear, the people of Austin have never been our enemies. They are caught in the crossfire between a big private “single entity” system and devoted fans of Major League Soccer’s original club.

For 21 years, fans in Columbus helped build a tremendous fan and supporter community that is both diverse and inclusive. We’ve been with the team through wins and losses, and ups and downs. We’ve cried together, and we’ve celebrated together. Lifelong friendships were formed, and fans have even fallen in love.

We’ve seen heroes from Kirk to Guillermo, leave a mark on our lives that can never be replaced. This is our team, our community, our culture, and our family.

Our city is under siege from our owner and Major League Soccer. They say we are failing on a number of “business metrics,” but refuse to show us how to improve. They say our stadium is falling into disrepair, but is somehow capable of hosting a prestigious international tournament. We try to engage in meaningful dialogue, but it falls on deaf ears.

Something doesn’t add up. They want us to hate you, but we simply won’t do it.

Austin is a beautiful area full of rich culture and a diverse population. Like Columbus, it’s a bustling college town with a devoted fanbase and passionate fans.

Austin deserves a soccer team, but not like this.




9 thoughts on “A message for Austin

  1. Aye !!! Well said !

    #SaveTheCrew #BuildaBrandNewAustinFC

  2. This kind of thing would be unthinkable most places. Not everything is about the money. In fact, none of the good things are about the money. The MLS could well alienate the people they are trying to influence.

  3. Love the ad. Love the Crew

  4. The majority of people in Austin do not want the soccer team as it is currently being pushed on it. It will create a traffic nightmare in an already congested area. The only person that will really benefit is the owner of the team

    1. We do not agree with the planners who started this idea. Austin is overcrowded adding any thing else only creates havoc. Transportation is a. Nightmare. High rents, overpricing on utilities is causing more homelessness. Austinites hope the team finds another home.

  5. If it were for me Austin should use the space for offsetting the cost of living and promoting affordable housing. The deal asked by the owner is a downright giveaway which the city should never accept. Please keep the team in Cleveland!

    1. Thanks, we will try to keep the team in Cleveland because moving it to Houston would be a real kick in the gut.

  6. You need to contact the local Austin media (TV: KVUE, KXAN, KEYE, KTBC) to publicize what is really happening back in Columbus. The city council and Austin Mayor apparently think it’s just fine and dandy to steal (yes, steal!) a franchise from another city, a means for them to appease a particular voting block here. There are many people in Austin opposed to what the city is doing and hope your team stays put. Good luck.

  7. We need a soccer team like a hole in the head or more immigrants. Keep your team in Columbus

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