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Save The Crew Volunteer Profile – Tom Davis

Greetings! As you may already be aware, there is a ton of work going on behind the scenes of the #SaveTheCrew movement to help keep the Black and Gold in Columbus. From time to time, we plan to highlight the work of our committed and wildly-talented grassroots team of volunteers by pulling back the curtain and giving some thanks to the people who turned #SaveTheCrew from a twitter hashtag into the lean, mean, relocation-fighting machine it has become. With that said, our first profile is of Tom Davis.


What do you do for Save The Crew?
I built and now maintain . I also provide analytical support for website traffic and activity.

How did you become involved with Save The Crew?

I purchased and built the morning after the news came out. I originally had a one-page website simply asking for emails to help make the website effective. The original phrasing is actually still there on the main “subscribe” portion of the site. Matt Bernhardt, who was a mutual Twitter follower between Morgan Hughes and I, connected Morgan and me. A small Twitter direct message group was born, and then it took off from there.

What is your day job?

I’m an Analytics Consultant at Grange Insurance. I build interactive, dummy-proof, simple-yet-digestible reports for surrounding internal business units using web programming languages. I also do some web development freelancing on the side.

How many hours per week do you dedicate to working on #SaveTheCrew-related duties?
10-20 hours a week. The first couple of weeks were more. It was a whirlwind.

What does the Crew mean to you personally?

I wasn’t always a soccer fan. The 2010 World Cup sold me. I attended a few Crew games before 2010 but wasn’t really into it. Today, I believe soccer is the world’s most beautiful sport that unites us all with local and national pride. Having the Crew, a charter member to MLS, to cheer for during the highs and lows, is special to me. But the most important part is sharing in the experience of having pride for your club with my son. He just turned 1 this past summer so he hasn’t yet been to a game, but it is something I’ve always dreamed of doing; seeing the Crew play together and explaining the world’s game to him.
What has been the most surprising or encouraging aspect of the Save The Crew movement?
The most encouraging thing by far is seeing the outpouring of support from all over. Starting that morning when I built the website, people from all over came out of nowhere offering help and support, and also their stories of how much the Crew have meant to them. This movement to save the Crew is for them.
What is your favorite experience you have personally had at Crew Stadium?
My favorite experience at Crew Stadium was my very first US Men’s National Team match. It was against Jamaica for a World Cup Qualfier and it was magical. The entire stadium stood the entire match and waved our country’s flag. It was life changing for me to see national pride mixed with the beautiful sport of soccer. I’ve attended many  sporting events, playoff games, etc.. but there is nothing like supporting your national team on the soccer field.
Who is your favorite player in Crew history and why?
I remember doing the “GUIIILLLLERRRRRMOOOO” chants during his corner kicks, so I would have to say Guillermo Barros Schelotto.
What is it that makes Columbus special for you?
Columbus is our team. We built the team. We built the first soccer-specific stadium. We are the only yellow/black team in MLS. We have the history and the high pedigree. You can’t buy this kind of history. You can only make it from scratch.
How do you plan to celebrate when we Save The Crew?
Other than celebrating with the STC team, I’ll have a new appreciation for having an MLS club in our backyard.

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