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#SaveTheCrew Statement


Greetings. Today, Save The Crew is thankful for many things. We are of course eternally grateful to our Lord Guillermo, who nine years ago today gifted his opus unto us. Working through Alejandro, Chad and Frankie, he revealed his love. Guillermo is great indeed!

Next, we are thankful for you. The outpouring of support that we’ve received from Columbus, from around the league and from around the world over the past five weeks has been incredible. As a volunteer grass-roots movement, one of our early measures of success was going to be engagement. Our 2000-person rally on the steps of City Hall, organized in 3 days, was just a harbinger of things to come. After 112,000 page views, over 200 business allies and more than 16,000 signatures on our open letter to MLS and its investor/operators, it’s clear that our message has struck a chord in the global soccer community.


90 minutes are behind us, and we are thankful that no goals were conceded. Tuesday night was intense, even if the result wasn’t exactly what we hoped for. The team is healthy and focused. Here’s an infographic that explains the 11/29 result scenarios (7:30 PM, Fox Sports 1). The winner hosts MLS Cup.

For those of you interested in attending leg two in Toronto, @NorOnTour still has spots remaining on their bus; go here to purchase. It is a 6am-5:30am 23.5-hour extravaganza, including transportation and a ticket in the away section.

At this time, Save The Crew is not organizing a formal watch party location, but we suggest the following locations:

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