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#STC Vlog 11/28/2017: It Is Never Too Late to Do The Right Thing

2 thoughts on “#STC Vlog 11/28/2017: It Is Never Too Late to Do The Right Thing

  1. Not enough has been said about how poor the team played from the Kai Kamara trade to the Pedro Santos acquisition. With an established franchise you get the attendance by earning it on the pitch. A 10 game win streak was the result of better play since his addition. Had it been earlier fans would have flowed.

    My fandom was reduced to listening on the radio, tv. I think my wife Wendy and I made it to one match in 2 years after she got tickets through work.

    The trade of our most exciting player put ownership on the spot. For two years, through two seasons, they failed to deliver. The play was average at best. That’s why we weren’t there.


  2. I’m a TFC Fan from Toronto, but even I want the Crew to stay!

    We fought over the Trillium Cup for years. That means something. The Crew helped to build TFC into the team we are today.

    But on a more personal note, the very first TFC game I took my 5 yr old daughter to was against the Crew. She called them “Bubble Bees” because they “flew” across the field in bright yellow.

    Last night, at 13 yrs old, my daughter and I watched TFC beat the Crew for the Eastern Conference. It was bittersweet. As much as we wanted to see our TFC lift the MLS Cup…We don’t want that to be the last time we get to see the “Bubble Bees” fly across BMO Field.

    To all the Crew fans that were there last night: We wish you all safe trip home and hope that it will not be the last time you visit us with your team.

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