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Columbus Family Ties

“What would we do baby… without us?”

These words, lifted from the theme song to the based-in-Columbus 1980s TV show Family Ties, succinctly pose a loving, rhetorical question between family members. It’s a question so awful you never want to ask it, let alone think about the answer.

Recently, Columbus Crew fans have had to ask themselves this question.

In the fallout of the team’s potential move to Austin, I have heard the word ‘family’ mentioned over and over. Many Crew fans talk about how they found a family after starting to follow the team. Columbus-area parents frequently talk about how they dream of sharing Crew soccer with their children. Others relate how they could connect with their aging parents by watching or attending one more Crew game.

Soccer will always exist within the city limits of Columbus. While Crew ownership is considering a move south, the aspect of their approach that is making everyone so afraid, and therefore mad, is that they are messing with our family.

As you watch the video below, consider the following:

  • Its producer, Jason Puckett (@JasonRBNY on Twitter), is not even a Crew fan. He’s a New York Red Bulls fan that feels so strongly that The Crew should stay in Columbus that he spent many hours of his own time composing this kinda-silly-yet-touching vignette for Columbus’ fans.
  • The clips included reach back over twenty years, representing MLS’ entire history thus far.
  • If you’re not already in the Columbus Crew family, know that those who are ache with the fear of the unknown when they see this joyful capsule of their past.

After watching, please visit If you are so moved, sign the open letter to MLS executives and owners asking to keep The Crew in Columbus. Help us make it clear that the proposed action devalues the league, demoralizes fans and destroys family. Help us love each other through this. Sha la la la.

2 thoughts on “Columbus Family Ties

  1. If you want to keep the Crew in Columbus,tell the owner you will pay double the present ticket price.
    There is no reason 95% of Columbus taxpayers should be asked to bail out a soccer team they dont give a damn about.

    1. Hi Andy. We are in agreement on the taxpayer money. We do not support the public funding of a new stadium.

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